Keep it real!

Unlock your first youth project!

What is it?

It’s a box which will help your group to prepare for a youth project. You will find 9 involving methods balanced for planning youth exchanges, international volunteering or local initiatives.

How does it work?

Precisely selected methods will guide your group through topics such as intercultural learning, risk management and equal partnership. Materials you need to deliver these methods are in the box, so there is no need to prepare in advance and you can start right away. In each box there is a unique Log in, so you can access video explanations on how to deliver these methods anytime on your phone.

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Covers most important aspects of youth projects

Saves time of youth worker/teacher

Quality check made by National Agencies and experts

97% of young people would recommend it to friends

Visual, uses youth friendly language

Perfect tool to ensure equal partnership

Balanced for Erasmus+ programme and Rotary youth exchanges

Carolina - Portugal

It's very usefull and visual. It realy helps to explain others what's the process of implementing Erasmus+ project.

Jakub - Poland

It's logicaly organised. So helps to plan project step by step.

Sandra - Lithuania

This toolkit makes my job as a youth trainer much easier! I can’t draw, but there is no need to do that, because these methods are very visual and well-prepared.