Nojus from Lithuania

Last week we received some messages on our Instagram profile asking to share some stories about youth projects and people who did those. We had a short discussion about this in our team and… we this it‘s a great idea! As we absolutely love this idea, we have decided to kick off right away and start with Lithuanian guy – Nojus Sungaila. He is 18 years old and currently study at Šiauliai Didždvaris gymnasium. He is into reading, self-improvement and travelling so will be a perfect person to have an interview with!



Hi Nojus! Could you tell us more about yourself?
– Hey! I’m Nojus, a student at Šiauliai Didždvaris gymnasium ant volunteer at youth camp “Draugai”. I’m very interested in various youth projects and other activities that improve me as a personality.


– Nojus, our readers are interested in international youth projects and we know that you have some experience in those. Could you tell us more what these projects were about and how did you get involved in them?
– In general, I have participated in 5 youth exchanges. My first YE took place in December 2017 in Mažeikiai, Lithuania. It was about entrepreneurship and leadership. I got involved to this project by my English teacher. This YE project was a big change in my life, it encouraged me not to be scared to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Random fact: I even changed my school after this project! Second YE also was in Mažeikiai (April 2018). This time the theme was leadership through sports. It wasn’t as good as the first one, but I still enjoyed it. I found the application to this project on Facebook and filled it. The latest YE that I participated in, was in September 2018, in Krakow/Zakopane, Poland. It was about ecology. I got involved to it by my biology teacher. The theme of it was very interesting for me, so I had a wonderful time between all the like-minded people. I brought a lot of ideas on how to be eco-friendlier and save our planet’s resources.


– Why have you decided to take part in youth activities?
– Actually, I have no idea. At first, it looked scary to try this kind of thing. But after I overcame my fear in the first YE, I started wanting more challenges, such as living in a different environment with people I barely know and speaking in not my native language. So probably the desire for new challenges encouraged me to take part not only in youth activities but in all the projects that I participated in.

– Did you learn something during those international projects?
– Firstly, I learnt to be brave enough to express my ideas and feelings. Secondly, I understood that teamwork is way better than the individual. Also, I learned to say some words in few different languages; how to express my emotions and feeling with hand in the way that Italians do; improved my entrepreneurship and leadership knowledge and many other things.
At one project our and polish teams were discussing our common history. Suddenly, we started talking about famous writers and reached Adam Mickiewicz. He is regarded as a national poet in Poland and Lithuania, so we had an intensive discussion about which country “owns” him. At the end, we agreed that Adam Mickiewicz is the connection between our countries, and we can friendly share him.


– Which country do you admire the most? Why? Which country you would like to visit in the future?
– Absolutely Romania! If there was a Romanian group in the project, I would always find friends in it. I don’t know why, but I feel very close to these people! Even now I’m still communicating with some of the Romanians that I met in the projects. Sadly, I’ve never visited Romania before, so I really want to go there.


– Oh well, I have a feeling where your next youth exchange will be! Haha 😛 Have you tried writing your own project and if no would you consider doing that?
– I have never tried to write my own project application, but I’d like to. It looks not so easy to undertake this job but I’m sure that at the end, it would pay off in all the good emotions that you had while implementing your dream.

– Thank you for conversation and we wish you to visit beautiful Romania one day!

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